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The newest and best productions of Israeli theatere.

Summer in Marienband - Gesher Theatre
An exchange of letters, based on the biting and entertaining writings of Shalom Aleichem, creates a complicated situation which threatens to upset the life of the Jewish community and marriage. What happens in Marienband does not always stay in Marienband.

Three Sisters - Cameri Theatre and Habima Theatre
One of Anton Chekov's best known plays, given a contemporary reading by the director Hannan Snir. Cast - Lia Koenig, Gila Almagor, Yvgenia Dodina and Rami Baruch.

Romeo and Mom - Beit Lessin Theatre
The leading show in Israel follows the selection of Israel's Next Romeo. A new comedy by writer twosome Gur Koren and Gilad Kimhi, offers laughs, emotion and a biting critique of the world of reality and stars for a day, who become our cultural heroes.

Hedonist - Haifa Theatre
A moving comedy which tells the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, the world's worst singer. Cast - Leora Rivlin, Idan Alterman and Yael Leventhal.

Dad's Tale - Beersheba Theatre
The most successful work of British comedy master Alan Ayckbourn, with a new exciting, and most hilarious, adaptation.

Shakespeare in Love - Habima Theatre
A romantic comedy based on the award-winning 1988 movie, which portrays the life of William Shakespeare.

Herzl Said! - Gesher Theatre
A fantastic musical voyage which examines the wonderful dreams of the state visionary.

A Horse Walks into a Bar - Cameri Theatre
A new Israeli play based on the book by David Grossman, starring and directed by Dror Keren, inspired by the late Micha Levinson.

Love and Pain - The Hebrew Theatre
A moving drama based on the novel Pain, by Zruya Shalev. An unexpected encounter leads iris, a successful school principal, into an impossible struggle, between her childhood sweetheart and caring for her family.

Lost in Yonkers - Beersheba Theatre
A moving and entertaining comic drama which tells the tale of two Jewish youths who are sent, against their will, to the home of their pedantic and scary grandmother who lives in Yonkers, New York.

A Circus of Jews - Haifa Theatre
A moving comedy based on the award-winning book by Nathan Englander, which offers a colorful mosaic of tales of Jews in 21st century United States.

The Rebels - Cameri Theatre
Written by Edna Mazo and directed by Omri Nitsan. Three generations of rebels in a single family in Israel: a son, his mother and grandmother. Each rebels in their own field and era.

1984 - Habima Theatre
A new contemporary adaptation of the dystopic classic by George Orwell, which has become more relevant than ever.

The Secrets - Beit Lesson Theatre
A new play by Hadar Galron (Mikveh) based on a move by Avi Nesher.

And many more quality and highly recommended shows, which will be presented during the course of the season.